Events (seminars & symposiums)

AY2021 Program Completion Ceremony

Date & time March 22 (Tue), 2022 11:00-12:00
Venue Online (ZOOM)
Time Datails Speakers ZOOM hosts
11:00-11:05 Open desk (participants joining the event) Dr. Satonaka
Dr. Jasmina
11:00-11:10 Opening ZOOM host
11:10-11:20 Address from
the Program coordinator
Prof. Tsukamura
11:20-1:30 Address from
the Well-being leading professors
Prof. Yamauchi
11:30-11:40 Certificate awarding Prof. Tsukamura
11:40-11:45 Address from
the representative of the 4th batch
Ms. Imano(AGR)
11:45-11:55 A few words from
the Well-being leading professors
11:55-12:00 Closing remarks
and photosession
ZOOM host


Contact:Well-being Office of Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences