Program : Program

Intensive practical education and well-developed support system

Program Features and Unique Contributions

  • Asian development with a focus on women
  • Emphasis on practical education:
    overseas training and research at partner universities, internships in collaboration
    with international organizations and JICA
  • Support system by world-class leaders
  • Acquisition of core abilities needed to work in the global arena,
    including comprehension of gender-related issues and gender equality, practical skills, onsite skills, planning skills, ability to look at issues from a comprehensive perspective, and communication skills needed to convey opinions
  • Well-organized mentor system and peer-support system
  • Career-path support for global enterprises and international organizations

Five-year interdisciplinary program cutting across academic boundaries and combining knowledge from different fields

A unique program involving four graduate schools (five divisions):

■Bioagricultural Sciences    ■International Development
■Education and Human Development    ■Medicine (including Health Sciences)