Curriculum : Overview

This is a five-year interdisciplinary program based on an advanced and comprehensive curriculum. Through the program, students are expected to acquire six core skills necessary for working in the global arena: 1) Comprehensive skills, ability to look at issues from a comprehensive perspective, 2) Gender understanding skills, comprehension of gender-related issues and gender equality, 3) Practical skills, 4) Onsite skills, 5) Planning skills, 6) Communication skills for conveying opinions.

Master’s level (M1 & M2): Students are required to take English courses and core courses which are focused on acquisition of core skills, including 1) Comprehensive skills and 2) Gender understanding skills. Students are also expected to acquire 3) Practical skills, 4) Onsite skills, 5) Planning skills and 6) Communication skills, through practical education, such as "Overseas Training Program" and "Special Lecture on Multicultural Societies (Cross-Cultural Talk) ".

Doctoral level (D1, D2, & D3): Students are required to take courses provided by world-class leaders from global enterprises, international organizations, and policy-making institutions, and to participate in "Overseas Training Program". Based on those experiences, students are expected to pursue comprehensive acquisition of six core skills.

Note: Students take courses at their affiliated graduate schools and the three other graduate schools running the program. In addition, students are also required to take intensive courses such as "Special Lecture on Multicultural Societies (Cross-Cultural Talk) " and "Special lecture series on Global Leader". The core curriculum can also be provided in the form of intensive courses.