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Ms. Keiko Izushi
Former Deputy Country Director, WFP Kyrygz Republic

Date & time January 19, 2022 (Wed) 15:00-18:00
Venue Graduate School of International Development(GSID), Auditorium (8F), Higashiyama campus
& Online
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - WFP Experience
Ms. Keiko Izushi
Former Deputy Country Director, WFP(World Food Programme) Kyrygz Republic
Former Head of Conference Services Unit,WFP Executive Board Secretariat
Ms. Keiko Izushi is a Japanese national, and holds an MBA(Cardiff Business School, UK)/MA in Economics (Universidad de las Americas, Mexico)
She is an International Best-selling Author of the recently published book (2020), What Grandma Taught Me: A Worldwide Tribute to Grandmothers and Their Legacies"
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Deputy Country Director, WFP Kyrygz Republic (2016-2020)
Head of Donor Relations, Reports and Communications, WFP Afghanistan (2013-2015)
Head, Conference Services Unit, WFP Executive Board Secretariat (2013-2018)
Policy Advisor, WFP Hqs (2017-2018)
Programme Advisor, WFP Indonesia (2012-2017)
Liaison Officer, WFP Japan Office (1998-2012)
Resources Mobilization Officer, WFP Hqs (1995-1998)
Resources Mobilization Officer, FAO Hqs (JPO, 1993-1995)
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