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Global Leader 4 _2019 Day5
Dr. IEDA Nahoko(FAO, Cairo)

Date & time July 24, 2019 (Wed.) 15:00-18:00
Venue Science and Agricultural Building 329, Higashiyama Campus
1. Animal Health and Production in Near East and North Africa
2. Career Development in International Organizations
Dr. IEDA Nahoko
FAO, Cairo
The first half of the lecture will introduce the current situation of livestock production in Near East and North African region and the contributions made by the international organizations to support the countries in the region.
The second half of the lecture will focus on the career development in international organizations, including UN agencies. The lecturer will provide advice on career planning and preparation for the applications to the job vacancies, based on her personal experience. In addition, for those who need more concrete and personalized consultation, Career Consultation Session will be open after the lecture.
Target participants
This lecture is also open to all students.


Contact:Well-being Program (HS) Dr. Satonaka
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