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Special Lecture for Overseas Training Program 2 (Philippines)
Ron Bridget Vilog, PhD (De La Salle University)

Date & time May 22,2019 (Wed) 10:00-12:00
Venue Well-being Seminar room, Daiko campus
Understanding the Philippine Society:
Poverty, Economic Disparity and Migrant Culture
Ron Bridget Vilog, PhD
(De La Salle University International Studies Department)
Target participants
Students enrolled in the Well-being Program, graduate students, faculty members
The presentation provides an overview of the social, cultural and political institutions in the Philippines. Basic information about the government, religion, educational system, and economic structures will be discussed. After presenting the basic foundations in studying the Philippine society, the lecture will focus on the causes and consequences of poverty, the failure of economic development in certain periods, as well as the "push and pull factors" that continuously propel human mobility and migration. The lecture aims to stir discussions and debates about the impacts of globalization to certain Filipino communities and households. How do Filipino families face the everyday challenge of poverty and inequality? How does the entire Filipino nation experience the impacts and unintended consequences of global development? Is migration an ultimate solution to alleviate poverty? Participants are expected to address these questions upon conclusion of the lecture.


Contact:Well-being Program WAKABAYASHI Mami
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