Events (seminars & symposiums)

Enrollment Ceremony AY 2017

Date & time October 3, 2017 (Tue) 10:30-11:50
Venue 1st floor, Noyori Conference Hall
Time Content Moderator: Dr. Shi Lili
  10:10- Registration Open
10:30-10:35 Opening Remarks
10:35-10:40 President’s Speech Dr. Seiichi Matsuo
President, Nagoya University
10:40-10:45 Program Manager’s Speech Dr. Masahide Takahashi
Vice President
Trustee(Gender Equality)
Professor, Graduate School of Medicine
10:45-11:05 Program Coordinator’s Speech
Conferment of Enrollment Certificate
Dr. Hiroko Tsukamura
Vice Trustee (Gender Equality)
Director, Center for Gender Equality
Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
11:05-11:15 Greetings from New Students Two 4th batch students
11:15-11:30 Messages from the Senior Students One 1st batch, one 2nd batch and
one 3rd batch students
11:30-11:40 Closing Remarks
11:40-11:50 Photos
Target participants

Well-being Program students and staff


Contact:Well-being Office (Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences)