Program : Members

Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

  Name Affiliation Position Specialized field
Kazuhito Kawakita Kazuhito Kawakita Lab. of Plant Pathology Prof. Plant Pathology
Hiroko Tsukamura Hiroko Tsukamura Lab. of Reproductive Science Prof. Reproductive science
Akira Yamauchi Akira Yamauchi International Center for Research and Education in Agriculture Director
Crop Science
Boundary agriculture
Chisato Takenaka Chisato Takenaka Lab. of Forest Environment and Resources Prof. Forest Environmental Sciences
Nutrient Dynamics
Michiko Nakagawa Michiko Nakagawa Lab. of Forest Ecology and Physiology Assoc. Prof. Forest Ecology
Tropical Ecology
Motoko Ikeda Motoko Ikeda Lab. of Sericulture and Entomoresources Prof. Insect Virology
Chieka Minakuchi Chieka Minakuchi Lab. of Applied Entomology Assoc. Prof. Applied Entomology
Plant Protection
Yoshiharu Shimomura Yoshiharu Shimomura Lab. of Nutritional Biochemistry Prof. Nutritional Biochemistry
Exercise Nutrition
Satoshi Ohkura Satoshi Ohkura Lab. of Animal Production Science Prof. Reproductive Physiology
Yoshihisa Uenoyama Yoshihisa Uenoyama Lab. of Reproductive Science Assoc. Prof. Reproductive science
Yoshiaki Inukai Yoshiaki Inukai Genetic Information for Bioresources Prof. Plant Genetics
Breeding Studies
Naoko Inoue Naoko Inoue Lab. of Reproductive Science Lect. Reproductive science
Jasmina Damnjanovic Jasmina Damnjanovic Lab. of Molecular Biotechnology Asst. Prof. Applied Biochemistry
Protein / Enzyme Engineering
Yui Sunano Yui Sunano Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences Desig. Asst. Prof. Ecological Anthropology
Area Studies
Nicola Stephanie Skoulding Nicola Stephanie Skoulding Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences Desig. Asst. Prof. Biochemistry
English Education
Yuko Nomura Yuko Nomura Well-being Office Adm. Asst.  
Aki Taya Aki Taya Well-being Office Adm. Asst.  
Kishiko Mizuno Kishiko Mizuno Well-being Office Adm. Asst.  
Masue Hattori Masue Hattori Well-being Office Tech. Asst.