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Days filled with doing what I love, research.
I’m exploring food-related health risks.

SASAKABE Tae Integrated Medicine,
Graduate School of Medicine

Specializing in nutritional epidemiology, I research food that causes chronic diseases. This program, which studies food-related issues from an interdisciplinary approach, is exactly right for me.

Diabetes mellitus is increasing in Japan and other Asian countries and is a serious issue now. I want to study its causes and the environmental conditions involved. Having to work entirely in English every day is tough, but worth it. I can learn a lot from students in other specialities and international students observing religious dietary laws, even in Japan, because they have different perspectives and ideas. I’ve gained new insights from my research through the program.

My theme is poverty and women’s higher education.
I want to join the United Nations in the future.

SARWAR Aiza International Development, Graduate School of International Development

I enrolled in this program because I want to eventually help eliminate problems such as poverty and discrimination that women easily fall prey to in Pakistan, where I come from.

My research theme is poverty and women’s higher education. The guest speakers’lectures have been very helpful. I learned about how people in developed countries are trying to solve poverty and gender issues developing countries. I was also able to hear firsthand the skills and knowledge needed to work in an international organization. In the future, I want to work in United Nations organizations such as UNICEF.

My goal is to apply leading-edge research to agriculture in developing countries

KAKEHASHI Takahiro Bioengineering Sciences, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences

My current research topic is agricultural development in Kenya. Wanting to broaden my perspectives beyond Kenya, I enrolled in this program because of its focus on Well-being in Asia. Through the program, I’m learning about diversity such as how non-Japanese students build up their arguments and what their research mean to them.

My goal applies the findings of leading-edge agricultural research to actual places that can benefit from them. As this program includes lectures by personnel of the Japan lnternational Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), I will take their information into account when deciding on my future direction.

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